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Learn, Develop, Share: Community

It is expected that the number of new applications required to support the Internet of Everything will far surpass all applications within the development of the internet to date.  Entando works to support a worldwide community of developers who use Entando for projects of all sizes. 

Open source projects must be focused on providing what is desired by a community of users without regard to the personal directives of the core team, while additionally being mentored by that core team from an initial project concept.  The collective decisions of that community and it's core determine the projects future.

Entando is open source and committed to the community of developers and contributors to the project leveraging Entandos core platform.  Anyone can participate, use, or contribute to Entando and Entando will focus on providing leadership on the future of component architectures for UX platforms, for UX use cases for IoE, for leadership of the use of JavaScript in the enterprise and in the coordination of the community worldwide.

Learn, Develop, Share: Community

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Claudio Ambu


Eugenio Santoboni

Software Architect

Pasquale Addeo

Java Developer

Robb Harvey

Vice President of Sales & Marketing - USA

Walter Ambu


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Entando offices in San Diego and Cagliari are looking for talented individuals to join the team. Jobs are available in technical as well as nontechnical fields such as core engineering, professional services, support, market/sales and operations. Our team includes highly talented people in one of the most flexible and creative work environments in the industry. See our full list of jobs, or even if you don't see a job you like, send us an email if you have an idea how you could fit into our team.