5 Companies That Could Benefit From A Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps provide native mobile or desktop functionality while being accessible through a web browser. Here are 5 industries that could benefit from using them.

Entando - Tuesday, September 15, 2020
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Progressive web apps are a growing trend among organizations that are seeking to have an omni-channel presence while providing great user experiences. And that’s because progressive web apps (PWAs) provide some of the features of a native desktop or mobile application while being accessible through a web browser.

One of the main benefits of a PWA is that it provides your customers with a consistent experience regardless of what device they’re using. Therefore, smart business leaders are leveraging them to win and retain more satisfied customers. 

Here are 5 industries where business leaders may consider building a progessive web app.

1. Insurance Companies

The ability to file a claim instantly from anywhere vastly improves the experience of the policyholder, as well as increases the efficiency of the claims management process. 

Recently, a car insurance organization built a progressive web app using Entando that enabled policyholders to file a claim from the collision site, providing the ability to input all relevant driver information, a description of the incident, and photo documentation. 

By implementing a progressive web app, the insurance company was able to eliminate the stacks of documents that previously needed to be filled out by hand, delivered to a central office, and input into the system by staff members. This has resulted in a faster resolution of cases, which drives cost down for the company and makes the claims process so much more convenient for the policyholder.

A similar solution could be applied to a number of different insurance organizations, whether the coverage is for homes, health, travel, or anything else. 

2. Banking Institutions

With most bank account holders routinely accessing their accounts via mobile devices, smart banks seek lightweight options that are fast and easy to use. Since a majority of a customer’s interactions with their bank will be through an online experience (and typically via mobile), your banking institution has the opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition on those grounds. 

With a progessive web app, you can create an online experience that’s not only secure, but fast and easy to use from any device, whether mobile or desktop.

3. Utility Companies

When most people contact their utility companies, they’re typically only looking for one of a couple key services. A vast majority are looking to either pay their bill online, start service at their home, cancel it, or transfer it to a new residence. 

By harnessing this knowledge to focus their web app and by creating a fast and lightweight experience across every channel and device, utility companies can vastly improve customer experience and decrease the amount of time that staff will need to spend on these repeatable tasks.

4. E-Commerce Sites

In an age where the prominence of shopping malls is waning and online retailers are captivating customers, e-commerce companies need to provide online experiences that lead to a sale. Hardly anyone makes a serious purchase without first researching it online, and many shoppers are looking to buy when searching for products. 

What’s more is that many shoppers are browsing online through their phone and willing to pull out their credit card the moment they find what they’re looking for. However, if your site is difficult to navigate on mobile, or they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they will leave your site for a better one where they will quickly spend their money. 

Providing a site that consistently loads quickly and that has intuitive design can make the difference between exponential growth and needing to shutter your business altogether. PWAs are one way to ensure that it’s the former and not the latter. 

5. Real Estate

The real estate industry thrives on relationships, but home buyers also want the power of information. Providing a user-friendly site where they can easily browse listings, narrow their search, and even schedule viewing appointments are essential to attracting buyers for your business. 

A progressive web app that enables them to quickly access the information they’re looking for will allow you to get a quicker sense of exactly the preferences of your buyers and will improve communication between agents and buyers, enabling agents to spend more of their time seeking to advocate for their buyers.

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