A digital world without boundaries.

A digital world without boundaries

That’s the mission we work towards every day

Our story

“I did not found Entando in a garage, but only because I did not have one; in fact, I founded Entando in an attic loft! There, I spent hours developing something that I wanted, from the very beginning, to break digital barriers. Even before becoming a platform and company, Entando wanted to solve a specific problem: not reinventing the wheel every time a web component was needed. Assuming that whenever you develop a web product must face similar problems (registration, search, content management, visualization, ...) from the very beginning I have adopted the concept of "reuse." So I started to develop standard bricks that could be reused to solve a small process but that, assembled in a different way, gave life to endless applications. I shared them on the Internet, so that everyone could benefit from it. And in the end, all of this has become an open source platform, where extreme abstraction and deep customization coexist to create the best digital experience possible for application developers and users.”

Walter Ambu
CEO Entando

Company facts

Why Entando

Entando harmonizes user experience across different applications, people, and devices while reducing technical complexity, time-to-market, and project development costs of modern applications.


We’re fun. We’re nerd. We’re strong. We’re Entando.


Career opportunities

We’re always looking for talent, for people that combine the humility of continuous learning and the ambition to be leaders in Digital Experience. Visit our career page to look for opportunities.