DXP Use Cases

DXP use cases are many

but we grouped them into three main types of Modern Applications

Next generation
enterprise portals

Portals are dead... yet the need for centralized access to aggregated content remains vital. Customer requirements are evolving beyond the dashboard, demanding a lighter application footprint and more flexible UI integration architecture. With Entando, you can build the portals of tomorrow: next generation dynamic Websites, Partners/Agents Portals, Intranets and Extranets that ensure a seamless and consistent experiences across back-end systems to every user and contributor.

Web and mobile

Easily configure powerful, beautiful and responsive web applications that seamlessly connect people, process and data. The Entando value is realized through a combination of efficiency and adaptability, using pre-configured modules that support international UX/UI standards, patterns and accessibility guidelines.

UX Powered
IoT applications

No one “buys” IoT, as such. But the is desire to leverage data to gain a competitive advantage is ever-present. Entando brings Internet of Things to end users, blending data coming from sensors, enterprise systems and people into personalized multidimensional user experience that fit into real business operations. In fact, it can be the UI layer of any IoT project.