Entando Announces OEM Agreement with Red Hat on Modern Applications

Entando is excited to announce an OEM agreement with Red Hat to help enterprises build better apps faster. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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SAN DIEGO - July 3, 2018

Entando, a leader in open source Digital Experience Platforms, today announced that Red Hat has agreed to include access to a set of Entando’s open source low-code tools as part of Red Hat’s newly launched Red Hat Process Automation Manager. Entando has optimized the tools to run effectively on Red Hat Process Automation Manager. Together, these technologies offer customers expanded next-generation business process automation capabilities native to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and a user experience (UX) designed to help them create cloud-native applications faster.

Entando’s solution offers both design time capabilities (low-code tools, reusable components, and templates), as well as runtime features deployable as modern, lightweight, containerized microservices. These microservice assets can be managed through CI/CD pipelines and orchestrated via cloud platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform. Entando helps customers deliver greater speed, efficiency and agility throughout the entire application lifecycle, while creating rich, device-independent interfaces as part of a user’s omnichannel experience.

With time to market becoming a major differentiator, many companies are turning to modern applications to help them compete. Entando accelerates that time with out-of-the-box, drag and drop components, smart widgets, and UX integrations for creating cloud-native applications. The more customers develop, the larger their reusable asset library becomes, quickly allowing them to begin templated project workflows with nearly all necessary assets already in place. The result is highly improved IT efficiency and a facilitated convergence of user experiences across applications.

“In a world of digital transformation, how quickly can you respond to and compete with a disruptor?” asks Robb Harvey, COO of Entando. “We are pleased that Red Hat chose to work with Entando to help companies compete faster. Together, these technologies enable users to build applications that can scale and deploy in modern containers, adopt microservice architectures, and are compatible with orchestration platforms like Red Hat OpenShift. This is a collaboration that we expect to be beneficial across the board.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer Entando's UI/UX toolset to our Red Hat Process Automation Manager customers,” said Mike Piech, vice president and general manager, Middleware, Red Hat. “The Entando platform enhances our customers' ability to create engaging business automation applications for any device, reducing development costs and improving time to market. Customers can deploy Entando in their production systems knowing that Red Hat stands fully behind this open source product, with our award-winning customer support and services.”

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