Entando Bug Bounties for JHipster Quarkus

Monday, August 31, 2020 - Joe White

As a sponsor of JHipster, Entando gets to assign a few bug bounties every month to JHipster features and bugs. These bounties are a great way to learn more about JHipster and to earn a little money while doing it.

This month we’re sponsoring bug bounties on the JHipster Quarkus blueprint. The Quarkus blueprint has a ton of potential to bring all of the benefits of JHipster to the Quarkus Supersonic Subatomic Java world. The JHipster Quarkus blueprint has just been updated to the latest release of Quarkus and to the latest release of the JHipster core generator so it is a great time to get involved.

The tickets we’re adding bounties to this month are:

And if you’re looking for more, there is an existing $500(!!) bounty from JHipster sponsor Okta  for adding OAuth 2.0 and OIDC support out of the box to the Quarkus blueprint. []

Collecting a bounty is easy too. All you have to do is:

  • Find the issue you’re going to work
  • Add a note to the ticket that you’re tackling it
  • Create a pull request with your code for the fix
  • Get your PR approved and merged
  • Submit the expense and the JHipster team will get you paid via OpenCollective

You can get the JHipster detailed bug bounty instructions here.

Join the Community

If you need help, want to chat, or have other ideas for the JHipster Quarkus blueprint join us in the Entando and JHipster communities. For live chat you can join the Entando Slack by clicking here, post questions on the Entando forum, or join the JHipster community channels.


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