Modern application development

Modern application development

Platform Capabilities

Entando includes all the basic out-of-the box capabilities that all modern web applications need plus more advanced capabilities such as a security framework, cloud-native development, and management of DevOps lifecycles.

A Developer-Friendly Platform

The Entando Platform

Entando supports modern development frameworks, and packages your applications into containers that can be centrally managed and deployed to your datacenter or in the cloud. Develop using frameworks you love like React, Angular, and Vue, which are sandboxed from each other with Entando’s micro frontend architecture. Leverage Spring Boot and the Entando Blueprint on the backend to quickly auto-generate a complete web application.

A Platform structure that supports Modern Application Development

Entando Core

Entando’s Micro App (MApp) Engine provides the services, APIs and interfaces for developing and deploying applications. The App Builder acts as a composition layer that allows users to manage and interact with the applications services provided by the MApp Engine.

Entando Core

Entando Components

Developers can create their own components including Apps, UI Bundles, and Plugins, or extend and customize Entando components to meet the needs of their enterprise architecture. Developers can also create their own integrations into their identity management systems or backend systems, and make them available in the Digital Exchange so they can be easily reused across their organization. Individual components can be combined to create larger applications, or to fulfill specific enterprise-level solutions.

Entando components

Vertical Solutions for Application Development

By combining different types of Entando components, you can build Entando UX Packages. A UX package is a unique way to develop and deploy enterprise wide capability in a reusable package. Capture enterprise style, custom integrations, and open source tools in a single bundle to quickly establish a baseline for the development of new applications with common user experience.

Vertical Solutions for Application Development

An Open Platform

Entando exposes all of its platform capabilities as REST APIs, making it easy to extend and customize any part of the platform to meet your needs. Entando makes it easy to move to cloud infrastructures by allowing you to mix and match any layer of the Entando stack to meet the needs of your enterprise architecture.

An open platform