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What Micro Frontends Are & Why You Need Them

March 30, 2020  

Micro frontends are changing the way enterprises are building applications, websites, and portals. Here’s a summary of what micro frontends are and why you might need them.


4 Resources To Help You Understand & Implement Micro Frontends

March 16, 2020  

Micro frontends are changing the way organizations are thinking about frontend development for enterprise applications, websites, and portals. Here are 4 key resources to help you understand micro frontends and how to implement them in your enterprise.


How To Standardize UX Across Your Organization

February 18, 2020  

When a customer interacts with your brand online, you want them to have an experience that’s intuitive as well as distinctly “you.” Here are 3 ways to accomplish that.


How Cross-Functional Teams Increase Innovation

February 12, 2020  

Micro frontends change the way organizations develop applications, including the way they structure their teams. Here are 4 ways cross-functional teams help your organization innovate more quickly.


7 Successful Companies Using Micro Frontends

February 3, 2020  

Micro frontends are an important tool that are enabling large businesses to provide customer experiences that continue to propel their brands forward. Here are 7 successful organizations using them.