Build apps that users love and that your team loved developing.

Entando provides you with a modern development stack for building and maintaining cloud-native applications that enable your customers to experience the best of your brand.

Ways to Innovate with Entando

Modernize customer experiences.

Today’s consumers expect user experiences that are fast and convenient. Entando provides modern tools that empower your developers and deliver application updates faster. Maintain the existing capabilities of your enterprise architecture while modernizing your stack one application or feature at a time.


Build web applications using micro frontends on Kubernetes.

Entando is built on top of a robust DevOps infrastructure that’s designed to help you manage container deployments across your datacenter and in the cloud. Containers allow you to virtualize your applications to be run as a service, silo them so they don’t interfere with one another, and scale your teams so they can develop fast and release updates independently.

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Create dashboards that aggregate data from backend systems

In order to make informed decisions, businesses need actionable data that’s often scattered across different backend systems. Entando’s microservice architecture makes it easy to integrate with different backend systems or generate new microservices to access existing data from a data model.

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Automate business workflows with process driven applications

Whether you are onboarding a new customer, managing a medical checkup, automating an order flow, or maintaining case management, Entando helps you automate your business workflows, simplifying the approval process for managers, reducing time in review for contributors, and speeding up the time to roll out an update.

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Unify user experience across your organization.

Create a common user experience across all your applications and channels with a library of frontend components that can be reused across your site. The Entando Component Repository provides an internal marketplace to help ensure that all parts of your site are maintaining your organization’s latest brand standards, where you can update once to update it everywhere.

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Whether you're looking to standardize your dev process, automate workflows, or create online experiences that are functional as well as beautiful, Entando can help.


"Entando is a valuable complement to Red Hat’s business automation solutions, enabling developers to build engaging user experiences and accelerate time to market for modern cloud-native applications."

Prakash Aradhya

Prakash Aradhya

Product Management Director Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager, Red Hat, Inc.

“Organizations globally are demanding digital enablement to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. Entando’s focus on modern applications allows Leonardo to deliver true process-driven applications to achieve these aims.”

Avatar Adam Mutton

Adam Mutton

Managing Director - Delivery Leonardo

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