Solutions for Modern Applications

Solutions for Modern Applications

All the tools to rapidly digitalize, modernize and innovate your business

Modern businesses require modern tools

Traditional development practices and tools are no longer sufficient for tackling today’s ever-increasing demand for new, innovative applications. The platforms of today are too slow and rigid to support the speed of modern business. Furthermore, current development processes rely on long-term planning and process management, while today’s applications must be more dynamic to adjust to market volatility.

The solution is clear: modern businesses require modern tools that facilitate faster time to market, elastic scaling, customer centricity, and development efficiency. It combines the effectiveness and efficiency of low-code software development with omni channel experience management atop modern software architectures and infrastructures, to create a new breed of platform.

What businesses, OEM, governments can do with Entando

Rapidly prototype

and model new apps before pushing them into production.


next-generation applications on top of existing frameworks, or modernize existing ones.


multiple apps, devices, and interfaces into a common UX/UI.


existing IT assets to make more modern and usable applications.


your applications using only the components that you need.


time and money thanks to the efficiency delivered through the Entando platform.

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Why businesses love Entando

From prototype to production in little time

From prototype to production in little time

Entando is built for rapid prototyping needs and allows you to rapidly scale POCs into real enterprise applications with no migration issues or costs.

Adaptability to any organizational context

Adaptability to any organizational context

Neutrality, agnosticism, and role-based authorization mechanisms make the platform extremely versatile and adaptable to any technological or organizational needs.

High platform ROI

High ROI enterprise development platform

Thanks to the reusability of ready-made components, investments in the Entando platform can be readily capitalized in many applications from the same enterprise.

Easy integration with existing systems

Easy integration with existing systems

In an “open applications” perspective, Entando’s rich set of API applications enables integration with other legacy apps and infrastructures.

UX convergence/ harmonization

UX convergence / experience harmonization

Thanks to UX/UI patterns, Entando allows for the harmonization of applications UX, raising users from learning stress and improving the overall brand experience.

No vendor lock in

Truly Open Source, No vendor lock-in

The platform is open source. Entando-built applications function across platforms and are flexible and open. Open source represents the best way to free yourself from vendor lock-in and maintenance costs, as well as to streamline app development.