Why Entando

Drive continuous innovation

Build modern web apps on Kubernetes

Innovation at the speed of ideas

Entando allows enterprises to deliver nearly continuous release cycles with applications that are built and deployed as containers. With a Kubernetes-native infrastructure, Entando automates the configuration, deployment, testing, CI/CD, and day-to-day operation of your applications across your datacenters and in the cloud.


Improving your customers' experience

Providing exceptional user experiences is key in giving you a competitive advantage. By allowing for autonomous, cross-functional teams to iteratively update applications through micro frontends, we allow you to drive customer innovation through continual experimentation as you respond to changing user needs and expectations.

A new way to build applications

Entando helps enterprises modernize their development practices with leading edge tools and architectures. Entando supports a micro frontend architecture using React/Angular/Vue, code generation to build a complete web application using customizable blueprints, and deployment of applications across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.


An open approach

Entando supports enterprise application architectures that are custom fit for every organization at every layer of the stack. Instead of lists of unused features, our platform strikes a balance between standardization and customization, combining the best of modern open source tools and custom development that meets the needs of your business. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.

Increasing value over time

Entando brings together modern technologies proven to deliver consistent results over time, such as cloud-native development, containerization, and micro frontends. Entando also makes it easy to create an internal marketplace of prebuilt components that accelerate the development lifecycle of future applications, significantly reducing your costs over time.