4 Ways Entando Helps Enterprises Innovate Faster

martedì 16 febbraio 2021 - Entando

When it comes to responding to user needs, the speed with which you can roll out an update is incredibly important. Every week that goes by with a necessary update still uncompleted can mean decreases in user engagement, which can end up costing you. 

That’s why we built Entando: a micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps in a Kubernetes environment. Our goal with the platform is to provide enterprises with tools to innovate UX more quickly. 

Here are 4 ways Entando helps enterprises innovate more quickly in a Kubernetes environment.

1. A modular approach to building applications.

Monolithic structures are a barrier to fast innovation. In years past, entire applications were built as monoliths. And in certain applications, that still works just fine. But where the need for greater independence has proven to be an issue, microservices have served to break up back end functionality and enable greater team agility. 

However, until very recently, the frontend monolith has remained. Micro frontends can be a solution that gives your teams true end-to-end control over a feature, function, or particular view within your application that’s oriented around a business goal--from the backend all the way up to the frontend. 

With Entando, you can develop micro frontends that communicate with an individual microservice or microservices, and deploy them in a Kubernetes environment. With the Entando App Engine, you can easily assemble these various components into a singular app with a singular experience, while also providing a high degree of independence to each of your teams in how they update and iterate on the various components therein. 

2. Code generation with Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster).

In order to improve your DevOps processes, your enterprise is likely often thinking about how it can standardize its approach. With the Entando Component Generator, you’re able to do just that, while also eliminating the need for your development teams to spend their time writing boilerplate code.

The Entando Component Generator is Entando's implementation of JHipster that allows users to quickly and efficiently generate the skeleton of an Entando component. It provides advanced data modeling capabilities including object relational mapping and automatic generation of micro frontends and microservices. The generated skeleton serves as a starting point to help a development team swiftly meet the needs of the business.

You can learn more about how Entando and JHipster work together here.

3. Code reuse with Entando Component Repository.

Enterprise scale organizations are often thinking not only about their current project, but also about a series of projects across the enterprise. With the Entando Component Repository, you’re able to build components with core or common functionality that can be quickly shared across teams and be implemented in multiple projects. 

The Entando Component Repository is a shared, internal repository of components that you can reuse across your enterprise, increasing the speed of development for successive projects while also increasing standardization. It eliminates the need to do the same work twice. Additionally, it further helps with standardization.

4. More efficient QA and pushes to production with import/export features.

With Entando, enterprises can extract all assets from an Entando application and migrate an exact copy of that application to another environment. 

This feature is incredibly useful in simplifying your push from staging to production, and it allows you to snapshot an entire application at a point in time in order to save it as a bundle. Once you have done so, you can generate new applications from a base template, share it, and reuse it across your organization. 

You also have fine-grained control over importing assets or asset classes into another Entando application with the ability to overwrite or skip specific assets. These capabilities go a long way in helping you with QA and your process to push apps from staging to production.

Builder better apps faster with Entando.

When release cycles take months instead of weeks, your business is left unable to deliver modern online experiences. Development and deployment bottlenecks slow your ability to make application updates, keeping you from iterating and innovating. And outdated or clunky UX keeps you from winning customers over and retaining them.

So that’s why we created a platform to help you get your ideas to market faster.

Entando is the leading micro frontend platform for building enterprise web apps on Kubernetes. We want to change the way enterprises think about building their apps, sites, and portals in order to innovate more quickly.

With Entando, you can:

  • Leverage customized blueprints using the Entando Component Generator (built on JHipster) to quickly create micro frontends and assemble them into an app.
  • Reuse UI/UX components across multiple projects via the Entando Component Repository, saving money and increasing development speed. 
  • Scale apps quickly and effectively with Entando’s custom Kubernetes operator, automating the deployment of high availability, self-healing applications. 
  • Centrally manage user roles with Entando Identity Management (built on Keycloak).

Entando is open source with available enterprise support and services. Begin developing on the platform today, and get a quote to see how our team can help your enterprise build better apps, sites, and portals--faster.


Learn How To Create Better Apps, Portals, & Websites--Faster.

This white paper outlines how your organization can accelerate UX innovation by developing with micro frontends on Kubernetes, as well as how a micro frontend platform can help you execute this methodology more effectively.