How we can help you?

How we can help you?

Entando FAQs

Will I be able to purchase Entando on behalf of a customer?

Absolutely. However, if you’re a channel service provider or a system integrator, we have different partner programs available. Contact us so we can help find the best solution for you.

How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription cost depends on what you want to cover and what kind of support you’ll need. Under certain subscriptions, either the Core or the additional components correspond to an annual fee. Reach out to one of our sales executives.

How do I get support for building an app with Entando?

If you’re working without an internal IT team, you can engage one of our partners with questions about common development activities. For higher level tech challenges, architectural issues, or governance, Entando provides professional and consulting services. Complete the form to learn more.

What is Entando best suited for?

Entando is best suited for highly customized, enterprise applications that you need to build from scratch and integrate with existing systems. Entando tools help address the need to standardize design and development processes across an organization, resulting in a harmonized user experience. The Digital Exchange makes it possible for enterprises to reuse software by creating an internal marketplace of customized components.

What type of platform is Entando?

Entando is the leading open source UX innovation platform for building modern web applications on Kubernetes. We provide a modern development stack that custom fits to every organization’s need. Instead of lists of unused features, our platform strikes a balance between standardization and customization, combining the best of modern open source tools and custom development that meets the needs of your business. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.

When should you choose a different tool?

If you only have basic web needs or a simple landing page, simpler frameworks are likely a better fit for you. Entando is better for data aggregation applications with many editors, process-driven applications that have to manage complex processes, content-rich enterprise applications that have a need for streamlined and standardized user experiences, and cloud-native applications that have scaling needs.