How we can help you?

How we can help you?

Entando FAQs

Where can I find product and partner documentation about Entando?

Our official technical documentation is public on Partners also have access to a partner portal with marketing documents and sales enablement materials. We also provide partners with a periodic newsletter.

What are the marketing & sales benefits of becoming an Entando partner?

Entando provides all the support needed to introduce and promote the Entando UX innovation platform, from communication materials to co-marketing efforts. Other forms of support vary according to the level of engagement. Nevertheless, in every case, we aim for the highest levels of collaboration and visibility opportunities.

Does becoming a partner require an upfront investment?

Not at all. We don’t charge partner fees. Our partner program is as open as our platform! Choose the package that best fits your business and your needs.

What is the vision of the Entando partnership program?

Starting and managing a profitable partnership can be a costly process on both sides, so in Entando’s partner program, we are committed to building and managing leads and sales opportunities in a transparent and dynamic partner model. Our goal is that our partners would expand their market and that both parties involved would gain increased business opportunities.

Which partner program is best for me?

The Entando Partner Program is meant to accommodate a broad spectrum of companies and includes Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of engagement. Each level is based on qualified sales, developer resources, and sales commitments. Our program is open and flexible, and most partners are System Integrators, VARs, or Referrals.

How do I become an Entando partner?

Once you complete an initial discovery journey, becoming a partner only requires that you sign the partnership agreement and commit to certify a number of developers.