How we can help you?

How we can help you?

Entando FAQs

I want to use a modern Javascript framework (React/Angular/Vue) to develop the frontend of my application. Can I still use it?

Yes! Entando gives you the ability to deploy Javascript apps as widgets inside of the framework and manage those JS apps as plugins inside of your Entando architecture.

What are the marketing & sales benefits of becoming an Entando partner?

Entando provides all the support needed to introduce and promote the Entando UX innovation platform, from communication materials to co-marketing efforts. Other forms of support vary according to the level of engagement. Nevertheless, in every case, we aim for the highest levels of collaboration and visibility opportunities.

How do I build an internal marketplace for my enterprise's Entando tools? Where do I run it?

Entando components, plugins, widgets, and UI bundles are all built to be decoupled and deliverable as independent assets. Once an Entando asset (plugin, widget, UI-bundle) exists, anyone at your enterprise can port it into their own Entando application. The assets are stored in a repository and can be reused and added to any new implementation. The marketplace in this case is the ability to create and publish your Entando assets for reuse across all of your applications.

What is the Digital Exchange and why is it cool?

The Digital Exchange allows you to automatically install your Entando components for quick reuse  in all of your Entando applications. The Entando Digital Exchange exposes the ability to package your Entando components in an online marketplace for automated discovery, installation, and reuse in the Entando App Builder.

Are different versions of Entando backwards compatible?

Everything for the same major release is compatible. Entando is following semantic versioning for releases of the platform. 

What type of platform is Entando?

Entando is the leading open source UX innovation platform for building modern web applications on Kubernetes. We provide a modern development stack that custom fits to every organization’s need. Instead of lists of unused features, our platform strikes a balance between standardization and customization, combining the best of modern open source tools and custom development that meets the needs of your business. Entando is fully open source with available enterprise support.