How we can help you?

How we can help you?

Entando FAQs

Where can I deploy Entando?

Entando can deploy to a private cloud, public cloud, or on the local infrastructure that makes sense for your use case.  Entando provides out of the box deployment on AWS and Azure using Kubernetes. Entando also provides images and documentation for deploying on OpenShift. Additionally, we provide Docker images, extendable base Docker files, and examples that use Docker Source-to-Image (S2I). See section 2.5 at for more information. In most cases, including the cloud cases above Entando is deployed in a J2EE container like JBoss EAP, Wildfly, or Tomcat.

When should you choose a different tool?

If you only have basic web needs or a simple landing page, simpler frameworks are likely a better fit for you. Entando is better for data aggregation applications with many editors, process-driven applications that have to manage complex processes, content-rich enterprise applications that have a need for streamlined and standardized user experiences, and cloud-native applications that have scaling needs.

Is Entando a CMS?

Entando possesses a CMS app that you can add to the Core. However, Entando is a much richer platform that also manages processes, security, users and roles, interface building, and even deployment on cloud environments using methodologies that align to the modern paradigm of software development.

Does Entando provide ready-to-use components?

Yes. Entando comes with some basic components that you can use to build your applications. However, the beauty of Entando is that you can build your own components and reuse them repeatedly in your organization to best meet your needs.

Does becoming a partner require an upfront investment?

Not at all. We don’t charge partner fees. Our partner program is as open as our platform! Choose the package that best fits your business and your needs.

What is the vision of the Entando partnership program?

Starting and managing a profitable partnership can be a costly process on both sides, so in Entando’s partner program, we are committed to building and managing leads and sales opportunities in a transparent and dynamic partner model. Our goal is that our partners would expand their market and that both parties involved would gain increased business opportunities.