How we can help you?

How we can help you?

Entando FAQs

Entando vs Frontend Frameworks: Difference & Integrations

Entando is a framework that allows you to build and develop front end capability in the form of widgets using either the javascript language of your choice or our legacy JSP architecture. The difference in Entando is that you are encouraged and provided with tools to identify and build reusable components inside of your application. The Entando framework provides compositing that allows your widgets to be assembled into a fully functional business application.

Do you support high availability (HA) architecture?

Yes, there are multiple HA architectures that you can for an application developed on Entando. Among the HA options are deployment on OpenShift and in JBoss domain mode. Contact Entando professional services at for implementation details and configuration.

Which partner program is best for me?

The Entando Partner Program is meant to accommodate a broad spectrum of companies and includes Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of engagement. Each level is based on qualified sales, developer resources, and sales commitments. Our program is open and flexible, and most partners are System Integrators, VARs, or Referrals.

How do I become an Entando partner?

Once you complete an initial discovery journey, becoming a partner only requires that you sign the partnership agreement and commit to certify a number of developers.

What is the role of a partner in the Entando ecosystem?

Our partners provide the crucial role of developing applications on Entando, customizing features, integrating applications with corporate systems, and managing customer applications from a single and powerful platform. We both contribute to expanding the modern application market.

What type of support do partners receive after joining the partner program?

We support your journey into the Entando ecosystem step-by-step, from initial training to high-level technical support. For developers, we offer a certification program to ensure that all Entando developers follow the appropriate software development standards.